Translation service by Amerkamp

If you are looking for an interpreter or translator for the Russian language in Bonn, then Janna Derr is the right person for you. Ms. Derr is a native speaker. She translates and interprets Russian - German and German - Russian for you.

She is a sworn interpreter and authorised translator for the Russian language by the President of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne. You are welcome to use Ms. Derr for your first contact with Amerkamp Business-Apartments.

Ms. Derr will of course also accompany you on your first steps through the city and of course to doctors, financial institutions, lawyers, car dealerships, public authorities, business partners - in other words, whenever you need a professional interpreter and translator.

Janna Derr
Janna Derr  
Address: Holzgasse 16  
 53347 Alfter  
Phone: +49 2222 8040700
Mobile: +49 174 5167735