Amerkamp HomeStaging

Sell real estate easier, faster and better.

Would you, as the owner or as a real estate agent, like to sell your property faster and better? Then you should use Amerkamp HomeStaging. We make your property more attractive, friendlier and more homely. With this, sales can go up to 50 % faster and the sale price can be up to 15 % higher.


The Amerkamp HomeStaging Service for your property

  • Development of a tailor-made concept for your property
  • Implementation of home staging measures: apartments, houses
  • Tidying up, clearing out, renovating, furnishing and decorating
  • After the sale: collection of the furniture and decorative objects
  • Settlement: sales price commission

Did you know that 80 % of all people have trouble with real estate?

80 % of all people have no spatial imagination. They cannot properly assess the dimensions of empty spaces. They cannot imagine what an empty room, apartment or house will look like when it is cozy and tastefully decorated. They perceive empty rooms as cold and uncomfortable. That alone can delay any buying decision and depress the price.

Well-worn, scruffy and smelly rooms lower the price

It is similar in an object that has not been renovated and furnished favourably, or not tidied up for that matter. Here, too, most people cannot imagine how beautiful the same room could be if it had furnished to their own taste. After all, all they can see is the work associated with the necessary cleaning and renovation when buying the property. This can also be a deterrent.

With Amerkamp HomeStaging every property becomes attractive, comfortable and cozy

Empty rooms, apartments and houses have no personality. Dirty, ugly, and messy objects even have repulsive personalities. Amerkamp HomeStaging provides your property with a pleasant personality that gives orientation and creates a positive feeling. Potential buyers can better imagine how beautiful their life will look in the premises and they will get a feeling for living there.

Beautiful objects sell better

We ventilate, tidy up, freshen up important rooms (e.g. children's room, living room), set up modern furniture and decorate - of course along the tour route you find most beneficial. This gives your prospective buyers a good feeling about the building and the rooms. They take a look into the future of this apartment or house. And, as experience has shown, that they will make decisions faster and are even willing to pay a higher price.

Amerkamp HomeStaging: Top service on a commission basis

Our service does not cost a fixed amount: We charge a commission based on the sales price. So there are no extra costs to make us work even harder: the better we do our work, the larger our profit. fee. So everyone is satisfied: you, your buyers and us - a win-win-win situation.

How you can benefit from Amerkamp HomeStaging

  • You sell up to 50 % faster!
  • You sell up to 15 % better!
  • You don't have any extra work: we do everything for you!
  • You have no extra costs: We work on a commission basis!

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